Would you like to be able to get into perfect balance, free of stress and full of energy that lasts a whole day doing just 10 minutes of a simple breathing exercise?

  • Learn a powerful, fast and safe way to awaken your inner power (chi) and use this power for positive purposes

  • Cleanse your soul, energetic bodies and energy pathways so that you feel and become vitalized in body, mind and soul

  • Learn powerful techniques of healing and self defense using your inner power that you develop

And much, much more…

4 thoughts on “Welcome

    • I have used it once in a threatful situation against a person armed with a knife, it worked and the person was rendered unconcious.
      In an other incident I tried it outside a nightclub to help an other person. I was low on energy that day and had not practiced for some time and it actually did not work that time.
      It shares similarities with other self defense methods in that regards, as long as you do them correctly and consistently you can expect them to work for you when needed.

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